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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

It can’t be 50 years! Makes me feel really old! I saw them twice in their heyday and a couple of mates of mine went to their infamous after show party and have never been the same since! Due out on 29th September, on Atomhenge (Cherry Red) this top ten album (Those were the days!) will be available on a 2 CD version with unedited versions of ‘Brainstorm’, ‘Time We Left This World Today’ and the ‘You Shouldn’t Do That’ encore; also on a double transparent double vinyl with a fold out repro 12” by 12” poster; and finally if you are seriously into it a 10 CD/ Blu Ray limited edition with various mixes and concerts from Liverpool, Sunderland and Brixton from 1972. Mind you it’ll send you back a hundred quid!

This follows on from the “We Are Looking In On In You” live double CD from 2021, and a remix of the rather wonderful “Warrior on the Edge of Time” LP with the repro fold-out sleeve - and guess who’s doing the remix - yes, it’s Steven Wilson again - doesn’t he sleep?

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