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ZOPP – LIVE AT THE SUMAC CENTRE, NOTTINGHAM (2023) (Bandcamp) (Flat Circle Records)

Three of the seven pieces played on 4th November, 2023 are presented in 27 minutes worth of music at a very affordable download price. The 14-minute opening piece ‘You’ has become a firm favourite with, in the band’s own words, an E-drone intro with a jam in the middle. The whole thing is exhilarating and evocative of pure undistilled Canterbury preserved in time for the current generation to enjoy in a vibrant new manifestation. Ryan Stevenson’s mellotron, piano and Nord organ take centre stage, with the addition of some effective flowing wah-wah laced electric guitar from Richard Lucas, backed by a solid rhythm section of Ashley Raynor on bass, piano and synth and a ‘land of prog’ Italian Andrea Moneta on drums. ‘Before the Light’ sounds like some long-lost EGG classic while ‘Eternal Return’ finishes the selection in style. I write this the day before I journey to Edinburgh to interview the band and watch them play live. Thanks to promoter Andrew Naylor for making this possible.

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