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YES – YES SINGLES (2023) (Rhino)

A curiosity – not really a singles band were they? Well, actually in the US they were. Please note the tracks and stats below:


Your Move (#40 US), Starship Trooper: Life Seeker, Roundabout (#13 US), America (#46 US), And You And I (Part One) – promo radio edit (#51 US; #42 UK)


Sound Chaser, Wondrous Stories (#7 UK), Don’t Kill the Whale (#36 UK), Into the Lens, Owner of A Lonely Heart (#1 US, #28 UK), Leave It (#24 US, #56 UK)

It is certainly not a comprehensive collection, but then again ‘Going for the One’ (#24 UK) didn’t grace the US charts = so more of an American Yes singles collection? A worthwhile Yes release or not – the jury is out!

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