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SPOCK’S BEARD – FEEL EUPHORIA (20th anniversary), the first without Neal Morse; remastered with two bonus gatefold sleeve (24th November): I was lucky enough to be in on this band from the beginning after being attracted to the name at a record fair. That was “The Light”, still their best I think; however, there were many other estimable albums including the ambitious “Snow”.

CARAVAN – IF I COULD DO IT AGAIN…and CUNNING STUNTS: Faithful vinyl reproductions we are told of these albums from 1970 and 1975 on 21st October; the latter I still have on vinyl and is underrated, I think! I visited the Cricketers’ Pub in Canterbury which drummer Richard Coughlan took over in 2008, but couldn’t meet him as he was out walking his dog at the time. Sadly, Richard died, just 66, in 2013. It’s a cruel world.

MARILLION – MISPLACED CHILDHOOD/ CLUTCHING AT STRAWS/ AFRAID OF SUNLIGHT: Yes, yet more Marillion reissues from 1987, 1987 and 1995, all great albums in their own ways.

NEKTAR – REMEMBER THE FUTURE (50th anniversary): CD/ Blu-Ray from 1973 with quad mix – promo film and Old Grey Whistle Test; various combinations: 4 x CD, 2 x CD with 1974 concert (24th November)

GREG LAKE – the works, just about everything imaginable including a 10 x 10” box with solo LPs, bootleg collections, a 68-page book; also a career spanning collection with ELP, King Crimson, Asia etc. (10th November).

Full details on BURNING SHED.

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