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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Tim Hunter is part of Silver Hunter, a collaboration with Thierry Sportouche, singer with Silver Dragon etcetera and editor of ‘Acid Dragon’ progressive rock magazine. A proud Yorkshireman, Tim chronicles the heritage and folklore of his native Knaresborough and surrounding areas, but is also immersed in melodic progressive rock music: a good place to start is the 8 minute epic, ‘Ys (The Lost City of Brittany’) on his ‘Concrete Hearts albums.

As for ‘The Progressive Campaign’, the subject is a worthy one - William Wilberforce’s stand against slavery. The album is not only a cohesive and fascinating historical account, but also a diverse listening experience ranging from the Camelish 'I Got Religion ' to the 10 CC like West Africa Squadron'. But really it's all Tim’s unique work, ably assisted by his supporting vast, with soul and gospel also on the radar, and with dialogue to tell the story a moving version of ‘Amazing Grace’ to close.

I believe Tim is to appear at the Edinburgh Festival this summer. His solo and Silver Hunter albums can be found on Bandcamp.

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