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Hazy vocals accompany the guitar riff-driven opener 'Echoes All Around'  as we set off on another outer limits trip with Gary Ramon AKA Sun Dial. It is inspired by Gary spotting a UFO in some remote marshland when he was 14. The dreamy, infectious 'New Day' is another highly accessible (a single in another day?) number with some creative guitar work underpinned by repetitive chords produced by what I believe might be a Vox Continental organ (nostalgic). 'Living for Today' has a touch of psychedelic 60s west coast Americana about it - nice! 'Look up to the Skies' has more vintage organ, rolling drums and an early PINK FLOYD vibe. The second side is more progressive and space rock orientated. The blurb suggests that the 'astonishingly intricate guitar soloing on the mind-blowing 'Saucer Sounds' (although it has some tranquil and reflective moments- my words) sounds like a man possessed by another force' – quite! Before that 'Edge of Light' is a HAWKWIND-like guitar riff driven opus with prominent mellotron with a neat eastern sounding organ break and some choppy Hammond organ. The title track is very atmospheric.


The rest of the band are Scorpio on bass, Moog Taurus and percussion and Cleo Ramon on mellotron, Moog filters and Jupiter 6 synth. Comparisons have been made with one of Sun Dial’s best albums 'Other Way Out' and 'Made in the Machine‘.


The LP (with download code) and CD are limited to 300 copies, and the CD includes an aural easter egg. Go to Bandcamp or to the Sulatron Records link on this website.


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