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SPECK/ INTERKOSMOS - METZ SESSION/ BEYOND HIBERNATION - SPLIT LP (2022) (Echodelik Records, distributed through Sulatron Records)

Crikey, what a pair of bands. Speck are new to me but serve up an exhilarating adrenaline rush of a guitar based all-instrumental jam, space/ psychedelic rock par excellence. I don’t know much about them except that their membership is Marcel Cultera (guitar), Lisa Winkemüller (bass) and Patrick Saueri (drums) and that their 2023 LP “Eine Gute Reise” sold out 250 copies at gigs - just shows you the interest in space and psychedelic rock in Europe.

The Interkosmos piece has a tranquil, atmospheric start with synthesised sounds like wind and a catchy repetitive bass riff, a slow builder, with guitar echo and fluttering/ gurgling synths, HAWKWIND style. I have heard them before and they are currently a pan-European conglomeration of Sergio Ceballos (Espania on guitar and FX), Pablo Carneval (Austria on drums) and Sula Bassana of ELECTRIC MOON and ZONE SIX fame on bass, FX and loops.

The limited edition (500 copies) of this split LP is already sold out, but it is available in other formats.

I have previously reviewed at least one INTERKOSMOS album, “Hypnotiser” for ACID DRAGON (in 2016). The line-up was the same back then. Quoting from that review: “Most of the pieces are about 10 minutes in length except for ‘Kosmos Amigos’, instantly recognisable as a traditional Spanish piece. There are some far out effects which makes for a lysergic listen, the reverberating guitar on ‘Float Boat’ taking me back to STEVE HILLAGE’s seminal “Fish Rising” album, with a touch of glissando of course; a powerful guitar crescendo concludes the piece.

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