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KING CRIMSON – LARKS’ TONGUES IN ASPIC (1973/2023) (DGM / Panegyric 2XCD/ 2 Blu-Ray/ 2xLP)

It was a surprise to find a review of the 50th Anniversary edition of JAZZWISE magazine: “high-octane”, “profund” and “bravura” are all adequate descriptions of what was, on release, a sensational recording. But; what is new here?

Well, one of the Blu-Rays contains unreleased material, but the 2nd contains stuff that appeared on the 40th Anniversary edition. Steven Wilson’s Dolby Atmos remixes do, according to the review take “Larks’ Tongues” into “new vistas”, and penetrating deeper into Jamie Muir’s percussive imagination is a plus point, newly separated and revealed, even on vocal tracks like ‘Easy Money’ (vocals removed, of course). For me, the jazz was more evident in “Lizard”, an underrated album in the KING CRIMSON canon in my view. However, I don’t need any excuses for another listen!

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