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On sale on 1st April is a version of the classic Kaleidoscope number from 1969 (as well as the title track of their second and final album) performed by Dave McLean, founder member of The Chemistry Set, on 8” lathe cut vinyl. The A-side is a stereo version; the B-side a mono phased version. Peter Daltrey, singer and keyboard player with Kaleidoscope has endorsed the version describing it as “true to the original” but with McLean’s own stamp on it and remarked that he particularly liked the ending. Record Collector magazine described it as “bedroom psych at its finest.”

In my book “Within You, Without You”, which you can read about on this site, I include Kaleidoscope among over 100 lesser- known bands around in 1967 I write about in some detail, so if you are into 60s Pop, Rock and Psych this might be something worth investigating (Hint, hint!) Anyway, I review and rate all of Kaleidoscope’s music and feature their “Tangerine Dream” (1967) as one of the important albums of 1967. Kaleidoscope changed their name to Fairfield Parlour and released an LP “From Home to Home”. So, kudos to Dave McLean for bringing this great band to the attention of the listening public, and have a listen to great songs like ‘The Murder of Lewis Tollani”, “Dive into Yesterday” and “The Sky Children” as well as “Flight from Ashiya” and “A Dream for Julie” – if you haven’t heard them, I think you will enjoy what Peter Daltrey described as “a whimsical brand of psychedelia”.

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