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HAKEN - FAUNA (2023)

Intriguing lyrics, phantasmagorical musicianship; maybe I yearned for a few more solos such is the intensity of the lyrical and musical bombast that is “Fauna” and its wondrous artwork that is so central to the theme of the album. By any standard “Fauna” is an exceptional Progressive Metal album. There is so much going on here it is difficult to know where to start but might I suggest, from the early part of the album ‘Nightingale’, and the final two tracks ‘Elephants Never Forget’ and ‘Eyes of Ebony’ which show the band at their most progressive. After that, the album from this distinguished London band deserves your total immersion and some kind of weekly dosage. It’s on Spotify but I strongly recommend the vinyl version as “Fauna” needs a physical place on any self-respecting music shelf.

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