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Updated: Sep 5

Due for release on 6th October, Darrel is known as the keyboardist for TEN and prog rock band Nth ASCENSION. He is also a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, bass and drums, adds backing vocals, and he has written, produced, mixed and mastered a conceptual album addressing the questions, mysteries, hopes and fears we all face.

The pre-release copy reveals a superb solo album, which will be appeal to fans of melodic, meaningful prog (the lyrics) and those who enjoy heavier moments in their music. The two longest tracks, the anthemic ‘The Promise’ (about the need for change with an extended synth solo, with Maaike Siegerist on vocals) and ‘Rise Above’ give the idea of what Darrel’s music is about, heartfelt and yearning and concerned about the state of the world we inhabit and how we work through the obstacles in our paths. The guitar solo on ‘Rise Above’ is beautifully constructed and full of emotion. A variety of singers put in strong performances, and in a different world, I hear a ‘hit single’ (whoa!) in there: ‘All I Need’ sung by Kayleigh Treece-Birch with its poignant synth break b/w ‘If I Could’ a lovely ballad sung by Eva Sakellari.

A full review of the album will be published in the next edition of ACID DRAGON.

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