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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Comedy of Errors is a long-established progressive rock band from Glasgow. I really enjoyed this album. But you must not expect a wailing, mourning quality to coincide with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II during which time it was conceived (although the catchy medieval conclusion ‘Funeral Dance’ suggests otherwise perhaps - funeral as celebration that is), but rather an album about life, love, death and beyond with Shakespearean references in its titles as you might expect. There is nothing dirge-like here. Starting with two long pieces of roughly equal length is a brave and risky move but also a masterstroke The first creates a wonderful dreamy ambient atmospheric while the second makes me look forward to the next Marillion album, on which this might easily appear in a parallel universe. The music is mostly instrumental, with some actual instrumentals punctuating it nicely. The title track clocks in at over 12 minutes and features soaring guitar lines redolent of – you know who- and the singer sounds uncannily like Jon Anderson. The strength of composition and pacing of the album rises it above mere tribute though, and Threnody For A Dead Queen will surely feature on many ‘best of 2023’ lists.

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