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Updated: Oct 9

Versatile and enduring flautist/ saxist Ian McDonald and exceptional drummer Mike Giles were part of KING CRIMSON at the very start and “McDonald and Giles”, although not a massive success at the time has come to be greatly appreciated over time: ‘Flight of the Ibis’ would transmogrify into ‘Cadence and Cascade’; Pete Sinfield wrote the lyrics for ‘Birdman’ and Steve Winwood’s piano and organ was heavily redolent of the brilliant TRAFFIC album “John Barleycorn Must Die”. It’s released on 3rd November.

BRUFORD’s “One of a Kind” is, along with “Feels Good to Me” a stone cold classic and regulars on my turntable, with a stellar line-up (Allan Holdsworth, Dave Stewart and Jeff Berlin) and some brilliant progressive jazz-rock fusion compositions, and is due to make a return on 24th November with a signed postcard while stocks last.

FAMILY’s “Bandstand”, although there are other contenders, tends to be my go-to Family album, the one with ‘Burlesque’ and ‘My Friend the Sun’ of course, but much more. 10 bonus tracks and an illustrated booklet are part of the deal. It’s on Esoteric and due out on 24th November.

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