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On Chilean label Mylodon Records, the home of the excellent TRYO, this is the first album of the Clark brothers (presumably): John (guitars, harmonica) and Francis (bass) ably assisted by Juan Coderch (drums, table, percussion) and Pedro Villagra (sax, flute) on some tracks. It was recorded in Toronto, Los Angeles and Santiago and mixed in Tarkus Studios in Chile.

These musical globetrotters have pulled off a remarkable debut album, and an instrumental one that sustains interest throughout, never getting too self-indulgent, tightly structured and disciplined bringing a new edge to fusion prog rooted in blues rock.

Sometimes referred to as a power trio they are much more than that, capable of well-judged sensitivity on tracks like ‘Reflections’ and ‘Farewell’, a close relative to Gary Moore’s ‘Parissian Walkways’ to my ears. Pedro Villagra brings an extra dimension to the sound on ‘Faraway Land’ which easily qualifies as quality jazz fusion.

A full review is planned for the next issue of ACID DRAGON magazine.

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