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ASTRAL MAGIC – END OF TIME (2024) – soon to be released. Check BANDCAMP.

The prolific and popular space rocker Santtu Laakso is back with some more magical Finnish space rock. ‘Serenity’ starts the album with an early fluid guitar break setting the tone for further cosmic adventures. In addition to some slick guitar work, the instrumental ‘Land of Mu’ brings Santtu’s accomplished synth work into play in a pleasing arrangement; perhaps this is what a band like CAMEL might have come with up with had they been space rockers! The title track has a more ominous edge, not surprising given the subject matter! ‘Infinity Machine’ is the most up-tempo track thus far, and most HAWKWIND-like. The final track, ‘Deep Inside Your Mind’ is also the longest and a nice way to conclude another engaging chapter for Astral Magic.

Overall, “End of Time” strikes me as fairly laid back in terms of Astral Magic. More contemplative than assertive, but at the end of the day, if not of time, it leaves you with a warm orange glow.

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