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35 TAPES – FABRIC OF TIME (2023) (Apollon Records)

This style of prog will be familiar to many: sometimes referred to as neo-prog or melodic prog, easy on the ear well-structured music with synths, mellotron and touches of GENESIS. They might be thought of as in the same arc as BIG BIG TRAIN, IQ or MARILLION with vocals reminiscent of David Sylvian in his JAPAN years.

It is surprising to find that the group is from Norway from which so much good progressive music is emerging. The line-up is Morten Lund (vocals, 6 and 12-string guitars, lap steel, mellotron and keys), Jarle Wangen (bass, vocals, guitars), Jo Wang (keys), Andreas Eriksen (drums, percussion, keys) and Kai Lundewall (drums, vocals) – plenty of keyboards then; a nice listen!

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