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The Man in the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie

THE MAN IN THE BROWN SUIT is an attempt by Agatha Christie to do an all-out thriller narrative rather than it being a simple murder-mystery. I think Agatha Christie was having too much fun whilst writing the book, that in turn, she forgot that readers would like to have fun too.

The book is commendable moving from one corner of the Earth to another in a space of a few chapters, but the plot is both confusing and a creative mess. THE MAN IN THE BROWN SUIT is the hardest of Christie's novels to understand and keep track of. The many twists and turns make it obvious that the plot was perhaps not fully considered important by Agatha Christie and in turn, it's hard to fully appreciate what she was trying to do.

It is by no means the worst Agatha Christie, by far, it's just very hard to get excited about

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