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TALEA JACTA MEETS ELECTRIC MOON – SABOTAR (Sulatron Records/ Bandcamp) (2024)

What a jam! This is my first experience of Portuguese duo Talea Jacta (Is it a coincidence their name is nearly an anagram of the Latin for Caesar’s ‘The die is cast’?) They are Pedro Pestana on guitar and drone machine(?) and João Pais Filipe on drums, whose last album “Est” with accompanying guests was released in 2019. They are joined by Electric Moon, whose music I am well familiar with having reviewed it regularly for Acid Dragon: on this release that is Sula Bassana on guitar, Komet Lulu on bass and Pablo Carneval on drums.

Around 40 minutes long and recorded live in 2019 it is full of amazing guitar sounds, bleeps and tons of fx, of course! I loved the way the second part built to a frenzy over its near 15-minute length with the massed guitars of Sula and Pedro propelled by some spirited drumming. The intensity of the music is also demonstrated in full measure on the third and final 20-minute part, which starts deceptively quietly with some eerie birdlike noises, the guitars echoing in unison, the drummers quickly elevating the music with a tribal energy to a repeated guitar riff mirrored in a perfectly fitting counterpoint through the other speaker, the wah-wah kicking in, sounding like two Nick Masons on an early PINK FLOYD freakout. All the stops are pulled out on a powerful conclusion to a mind bending session, with Lulu providing her customary bass undertow, Electrifying!

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