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In the year of Sula Bassana’s 20th anniversary, multi-instrumentalist Dave Schmidt got together a series of pieces composed and recorded between 2013 to 2018, completed between 2019 and 2022, but don’t expect an out-takes or ‘leftovers’ album, for “Nostalgia” is right up there with Schmidt’s best works (see separate article on Sula Bassana). In his own words this is a more rock than electronic orientated album.


“Nostalgia” hooks you in straight from the off, based on varying doomy ascending and descending fuzzy guitar three-chord sequences embellished by synthesised hazy helicopter effects, and whispered vocals, very atmospheric. That is ‘Real Life’. ‘We Will Make It’ perhaps could have used more strident vocals to turn it fully into a HAWKWIND- type space rock; the guitar riff driving it and fluttering synths though provide the required intensity in another accomplished and engaging piece.


Dave always has vinyl in mind when recording and these two pieces constitute side one. The title track starts side two with a rarified synth and mellotron combination, aptly entitled; it has the classic romantic feel of an old sixties soundtrack, the guitar content to play a supporting but effective role. ‘Wurmloch’ (wormhole) is, as you might expect from the title is, in Dave’s words, “a full space flight based on a synthesiser arpeggio”; this one gets into a real groove, unleashing increasing accelerative amounts of energy with some blazing guitar and thumping bass, as if being drawn in by the wormhole itself, very evocative. Final track ‘Mellotraum’ is, you guessed it, mellotron rich, a newly delivered 4000. Based again on a deceptively simple three chords with variations this also gets into sublime groove, more relaxed than before, and a fitting end to an excellent album.

It is available through Code 7 Musical Distribution in the UK; various European distributors, including directly from the SULATRON Shop on the web and CLEAR SPOT; and also through BANDCAMP.

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