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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

For the unacquainted, let’s set the record straight here; Sula Bassana is actually Dave Schmidt, an incredible one band (He does have a touring band as well) who has had many alter egos in Electric Moon, Zone Six, Interkosmos and Krautzone to name but a few. I have bought a few records from him over the years before all that Brexit nonsense and postal rate rip-offs sullied our connection with our friends in Europe, Berlin in Dave’s case.

Anyway, I sit here in the twilight zone listening to ‘Nostalgia’ and a lot of thoughts are going through my head. I am two tracks in and think - what a nice ambient and atmospheric album this is and what remarkable cover artwork it has. It reminds me of the best shoegaze, and I don’t mean that in any disparaging way: I am thinking of Slowdive, experts in that genre to my ears. The throbbing guitar and bass lines - and is that a sitar I hear on the opener ‘Real Life’?. The title track is a lovely ballad. I imagine creepy aliens when I listen to ‘Wurmloch’, the intense rock groove intensifying the perceived threat – it got my foot tapping though and I thought of more pleasant things! It has a nice guitar wig out as it goes on and I love the bass being high up in the mix. I am always interested in the inspiration and meaning of musical creations and will be talking to Dave shortly about this album - then when I go back to it my listening pleasure will be magnified, I am sure.

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