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Consisting of four pieces, ‘Ladders’ is “about introspective elevation”; ‘Silkworm is about reuniting the living; ‘Consider this as a Song” is about “evidence and destiny” and ‘Cenotaph’ is about “death as a rebirth”. The title is explained on the rear of the CD cover: “the 21st and last card of the Tarot, The World represents the successful end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, the culmination of personal development.”

The band is led from the front by guitarist Guillaume Durand and he is well supported by Pierre L’Eildé on bass and another Guillaume, Hamon, on drums. Apart from that there is a guest saxophonist on two tracks, a flautist on one and some piano on ‘Silkworm’. So, basically it is a guitar trio, but Durand and his band create a captivating 20 minutes or so of music. I cannot find much about the band online except that they have a Bandcamp page and a few followers already, myself included.

Full review in forthcoming ACID DRAGON

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