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SATURNIA- THE GLITTER ODD (Sulatron Records) (2001) (2024)

“The Glitter Odd”, Saturnia's second release from 2001, is available on vinyl for the first time, specially mastered for LP. It is an album that has stood the test of time. Amazingly it was written, performed (with a significant contribution from Francisco Rebelo on organ, synth and percussion), recorded, produced and mixed by one man, Luis Simões, who also plays guitar, sitar, theremin, lap steel, bass, organ and percussion, and is now released on 180 g recycled vinyl, restricted to 300 copies worldwide.


The trippy vibe is present from opener ‘Chrysalis’; ‘Bliss’ has spacey guitar and floating rhythms akin to SYD BARRETT- era PINK FLOYD, with a barely discernible vocal which adds to its charm. ‘A Trick of the Light’ has an amazing combination of bird song and synth. ‘Azimuth’ features some clattering drums and repetitive percussion, approximating ‘industrial’ with repeated organ motifs and dreamy vocals; it made me think of STOMU YA’MASHTA (Simões also uses gongs in places), but definitely early Floyd in the vocal. ‘Menadel’ starts with beautiful harp and flute sounds; there is nothing complicated in the synth line that holds the melody but the effect is quite hypnotic. Drums introduce ‘Organo’ which is based on a couple of organ chords shifting to three, a ghostly synth intervening; it’s a pity the guitar break is not higher up in the mix and sounds a bit crowded out by the keyboards, but never mind, this is probably my favourite piece, a bit of space-age funk, man! The concluding title track is pure atmospheric ambience, similar to early TANGERINE DREAM.


By the way the name Saturnia comes from the saturnia butterfly, Saturnalia, the ancient Roman festival and the planet Saturn.

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