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REN X – RAIN (Mylodon Records) (2024)

The Chilean Prog and Art Rock label keeps good on its promise of “musica sin limites.” This concept album has been fifteen years in the making and it is their debut album (Yes, it’s true!) The opener ‘Gen Omega’ has some nice sustained organ chords at its heart and will satisfy those with a heavy (not leaden) rock prog disposition. Synth is also used on the album, but ‘Brand Feel’, the fourth track is intensely guitar and drum driven. I am puzzled by the description of a combination of early 80s British pop or traditional and prog rock as I didn’t hear much ‘pop’ in this music. I enjoyed the organ rich ‘Last of Me’ and the last track reminded me vaguely of MOTT THE HOOPLE. The concept is a lack of water in an apocalyptic world, with destruction and new beginnings at its heart. With better production I think this could have been better realised and the vocals certainly need work. Still, “Rain” is a tentative first step and a promising one.

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Jun 05

I like the record, doesn’t sound like anything that I hear before

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