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RAVEN SAD – THE LEAF AND THE WING (2021) (Heard on Bandcamp)

Thanks again for Sandy Greenhorn for suggesting that I listen to this album, one that will appeal to appreciators of prog rock done Italian style (Sicily to be precise). Actually, singer Gabriele Marconcini reminded me a little of the great Bernardo Lanzetti of ACQUA FRAGILE, PFM etc. Raven Sad plays melodic prog rock very well indeed, as witnessed on the 13-minute ‘Colorbox’, approximating MARILLION if comparisons are helpful. Fabrizio Trinci’s keys are very influential on the Raven Sad sound, whether it is the exquisite Moog and piano lines on ‘the Sadness of the Raven’ or the heavy riffing Hammond organ on ‘Approaching the Chaos’. Guitarist Samuele Santanna is no slouch either, unleashing a stirring guitar solo on ‘City Lights and Desert Dark’, a rather anguished tale with pastoral moments, courtesy of the acoustic guitar and Fender Rhodes electric piano.

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