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Due for release on 29th February on limited edition splatter and echo vinyl, CD and cassette, “The Unheimlich Kingdom” will be Psychic Lemon’s fourth album – really, it’s not so long ago since I bought their first! This is totally different to that one though for, as we all know, times have and are changing for the worst. “A cruel austere hand choked the life-breath of public services and plunges a knife into the heart of kindness. We have been downgraded and degraded, as Zombie economics and vampire capitalism increase their grip.”

The only track available for listening to at the moment is ‘Trepanning for Gold’ which is a dark, repetitive but awesome piece of drone rock by Psychic Lemon, now reduced to a duo of Andy Briston on guitar and synths and Martin Law on drums following the departure of bassist Andy Hibbard.

Promised to be a grim and powerful record, the way I am feeling at the moment this will be right up my street. A maelstrom of fury is promised – good! – too many artists choose to be apolitical. Musicians, of all people, need to speak up post Brexit etcetera, excetera…. “For fans of GOAT, HAWAKWIND and Socialism.”

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