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This is the second album from the Avergne-Rhône prog fusion group, and quite unlike their eponymous release from 2016. I was really taken by it and the new guitarist Jean-Joseph Bondier who is quite a virtuoso. André Marques, who played guitar (and keyboards) on the first album, gets “Heterostasis” off to a great start with his deeply funky bass on ‘Kleptocratic Joe’ and it sounds as if there is some uncredited synth on the album (Marques perhaps?)

Anyway, as the title suggests, ‘Mambaroux’ is more Latin in style and great fun, showing the versatility and humour within the band. ‘Saltimbanco d’Amareleja’ has some Spanish guitar and simulated scratches; ‘Palitana Sarando’ is more eastern in style with some chanting; ‘The Stoned, the Stoner and the Stonest’ has some coruscating electric guitar, JIMI HENDRIX style. There is even a bit of turntable scratching (is that the correct term?) on closing track ‘Spóros’, not something I am overly fond of, but well done here.

Mostly instrumental with highly articulate and tight musicianship from this talented trio and interesting ‘atmospherics’, the progress of Path of Ilya was a pleasant surprise!

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