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Now into their fortieth year this Somerset band has released their 16th album, having previously been the architects of seminal albums like “Erpland”, “Jurassic Shift” and “Curious Corn”. Developing their unique electronic techno music inspired by the likes of STEVE HILLAGE, “Lotus Unfolding” features their trademark synth loops and grooves, soaring guitars, punchy bass and solid drumming in an instantly recognisable Ozrics sound.

Each one of the six instrumentals has merit, but I would like to pick out the mystical and meditative title track, around 8 minutes long, the ultimate ‘New Age’ music with ethereal flute played by Saskia Maxwell. Also, the curiously named multi-part piece ‘Crumplepenny’, even longer at 10 minutes with its unusual rhythms, founder member Ed Wynne’s fluid and incisive guitar; the acoustic steel-string guitar and percussion (Paul Hankin) giving it an eastern flavour. The rest does not disappoint.

Ed is also joined by Silas Wynne on synth and keys, Brandi Wynne on bass and Tim Wallender of AGUSA on drums.

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