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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Martin Archer's label of love, DISCUS MUSIC, promotes "new creative music by living, working musicians". Described as "an ever morphing tapestry from the left field progressive sound universe evolving from a session of studio bass driven rhythms (Terry Todd), and free improvisation" and intended as a single continuous suite (or in three parts) with recurring motifs across a music arc ('Forced Orbit', 'African Lady Pilot', 'Spinshift/Marabarba') provide an album's worth of such music.

This is the sixth OUA and I have enjoyed all of them, but this one will strike a chord with all discerning listeners whose tastes extend to progressive jazz rock, Zeuhl, in "textural free improvisation" and "Sun Ra style jams". A special word for the drumming on 'African Lady Pilot' and Jan Todd's vocalisations and percussive effects; also to Martin Archer for his timely interventions on woodwind and organ, allowing the other musicians plenty of space.

Join the hundreds of supports for this album already on BANDCAMP by searching DISCUS MUSIC.

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