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NICK NICELY – MIKE HALL IS CALLING/ WONDERFUL DAY (Fruits de Mer 7” single) (2024)

Updated: May 21

Described as a surrealistic psychedelic ghost story the A-side is pretty weird, stretching the boundaries of psychedelic music possibilities, as is the B-side with backwards effects and mindboggling atmospherics; to be honest I don’t know quite what to make of it, except to say I’ve never heard anything quite like it. Nick’s ‘Hilly Fields’ from 1982 (Yes, that long ago!) struck a chord or two with artists like NICK SALOMAN and ROBYN HITCHCOCK, and he was for while a session man playing with BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST at one point. If you like psych on the edge, this is for you. The release date is 10th June, as with all the current crop of singles limited to 300 copies.

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