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I got a message from the fair organiser Andrew Naylor thanking customers for turning up in (yet more) adverse weather conditions for the last Edinburgh fair, and by the way, if you’re looking for something different, Andrew has an amazingly eclectic range of vinyls and CDs on offer at very fair prices. This jogged my memory to remind people of Derek’s Records Fairs in Scotland web pages where more information can be found on these fairs, and also fairs that have been notified to Derek throughout 2024.Post-Covid, it’s nice to see so many fairs rising from the ashes, and new ones starting. With inordinately high prices being charged by some retailers, record fairs are the best place to go for a bargain or to find that album you’ve always been looking for.

2nd  and 3rd Feb 2024- CUMBERNAULD - Antonine Shopping Centre- Allander Record Fairs and FRASERBURGH - R&S Dyga, 51 Broad St (10am-4pm) - Andrew Kennedy 07713352991; 3rd Feb 2024 EDINBURGH - Wee Red Bar, ECA, 74 Lauriston Place (11am-3.30pm) - Andrew Naylor 07910523733; 4th Feb -HELENSBURGH - Ardencaple Hotel, Gareloch Rd, Rhu G84 8LA - Second Sound; 9th  Feb - 11th Feb - DUNFERMLINE - Kingsgate Shopping Centre - Allander Record Fairs; 10th  Feb - GLASGOW - Phillie’s of Shawlands, 1179 Pollokshaws Road (12-4pm) - Alan Brookmyre 07841108027; 16th – 17th Feb - FALKIRK - Howgate Shopping Centre, High Street FK1 1HG - Allander Record Fairs; 17th  Feb 2024-GLASGOW - Bellahouston Leisure Centre, Bellahouston Drive G52 1HH - VIP Record Fairs; 18th Feb- GLASGOW - Redmond's of Dennistoun, 304 Duke Street (11am-3pm) - Alan Brookmyre 07841108027; 24th Feb -GLASGOW - Queen Margaret Union, 22 University Gardens G12 8QN (11am-4pm) - Allander Record Fairs; 25th  Feb 2024- PERTH - Salutation Hotel 34 South Street (11am-4pm) - Allander Record Fairs

Any fair organisers anywhere please feel free to supply details and I will give them a mention in DISS ; likewise Radio Show hosts etcetera who need a plug please let us know.

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