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Visitors to this site may recall my review of a compilation of Hiro Kawahara AKA Heretic’s works on Cuneiform Records. Hiro has contacted me to report the following: “I’ve created three remix tracks specifically for ‘It’s Psychedelic! Baby’ Magazine. In August of this year, Cuneiform Records released all of my past works digitally. Related to that promotion, I was asked to be interviewed by ‘It’s Psychedelic Baby!’ magazine. I’m very happy that I was able to release all of my works this year, but I’ve been concerned about the passing of two of my German musical friends last year (2022). One is Peter Frohmader, whose collaborative work was released at this time, and the other is Manuel Göttsching (Ashra). In particular, I have met Manuel-san privately in Tokyo every time since 2000, after he played live in Japan. Since this December 4th is the anniversary of his passing, I have always thought it would be great if I could publish my music in his memory somewhere. Cuneiform Records gave me full agreement, so we decided to release some remix tracks for free.”

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