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This is a historical neo-Psych artefact brought back to life six years later of a jam between guitarist Lex Waterreus of Australian psych rock band Seedy Jeezus. Three long impressionistic pieces were recorded with Sula doing some edits and mixes, with added overdubs completed in 2023.

It comes in a 500- limited 180 gram coloured LP with download code and a CD in a gatefold digisleeve limited to 300 copies. It is also being released by Blown Music from Australia, 100 copies only on green wax.

Earth starts slowly and builds to a tribal beat representative of the Aborigines perhaps, Komet Lulu and Sulu’s percussion content to keep things fairly minimal, gradually gaining in intensity of expression; just over half-way the crescendo elevates with wah-wah guitar the dominant instrument and more extensive use of drums and explorative bass playing; at its denouement the piece reverts back to its drone-like gestation period: very atmospheric. Sun is a much shorter piece at 7-minutes. I was reminded more of PETER GREEN and early FLEETWOOD MAC than anything else which may surprise readers. There are some vocals back in the mix from Lex here and the sympathetic organ, mellotron and bass playing add much to the adagio pace of a reflective piece, the guitarist making an impactful use of his effects. In Moon is the third and final piece, a repeated guitar motif is mirrored in the stereo mix, the plangent guitar raising the ante as the synth box adds timbre to the music, a sustained organ chord providing a 60s retro psychedelic feel as the music disintegrates in a nice kind of way.

Overall, the music has been skilfully upgraded beyond its jam roots to create a unified album and a meritorious addition to the Sulatron catalogue.

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