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MASCOT MOTH – NOL I ANNWFN (2024) (Bandcamp)

About to be released is a new experimental psychedelic album from Llanfylln (mid-Wales) collective Mascot Moth (named after a conjuring trick). If you enjoy an organic sounding free form music that has been variously described as ambient, jazzy and insidious in previous reviews then you will enjoy a somewhat rambling album, that has a raw charm through its wide use of instrumentation: flute, sax, accordion being among the instruments added to a convention guitar, bass and drums combination.

The title of the opening track ‘Psychedelynores’ kind of gives away the direction of travel through much of the album. The band love to extemporise as on the spaced-out jam ‘Annwyn’ and there are gentler folksy acoustic moments on tracks like ‘Trieglad Meddwil’. There is a reggae/ dub feel on ‘Y Twyll..’, so the band do like to ‘mix it up’. Mostly instrumental, but there are occasional vocals such as the short ‘existential song’ ‘Crafangan’, I would imagine the band’s forte would be in a live setting.

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