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LOCOMOTIVA ELÉTRICA – OS ANIMAIS QUE NOS (2024) (Abraxas Records) (Bandcamp)

My Bandcamp explorations usually reveal some gems and this Brazilian group is one of them. They are Murilo Neumann (guitar), Lucas Stein (organ), Alexande de Bortoli (drums) with three different bass players. There is much that is retro here in a good way, although ‘O Outro Que Também Sou Eu reveals a more experimental edge - in the group’s words the piece combines a “a tangle of guitars, keys and synths” to create “a post-rock ambience”. The final number, ‘Cabo Canaveral’ made me think of FLEETWOOD MAC, the blues band that is in their most expansive manifestations. On their Bandcamp page the group refer to “different dynamics” going on and this is most evident on ‘Funeral’, a piece that has lots of light and shade that suggests some heavy progressive rock influence. The Hammond organ, electric piano and electric guitar produce musical sparks throughout this highly hedonistic listening experience – please go on over to Bandcamp and hear for yourself.

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