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From the ‘informal’ concert at the Newport Festival on 24th July, 2022, CD and 2 LP sets are now appearing in record stores. It’s by all accounts a moving compilation of songs, including a few surprises like the classic ‘Summertime’, and one of the best songs from Joni’s latter years, ‘Shine’. It’s on the Rhino label.

Also to be released on 6th October is JONI MITCHELL ARCHIVES VOLUME 3 (1972-1975), a mammoth 5 CD/ 4 LP set with a booklet, including a few sessions with David Crosby, Graham Nash and Neil Young. The albums covered are “For the Roses”, “Court and Spark” and “The Hissing of Sunner Lawns”, with demos and sessions as well as live sets that include Carnegie Hall and the Royal Festival Hall.

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