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JETHRO TULL continue their rebirth with RÖKFLÖTE

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

After last year’s THE ZEALOT GENE, their first top 10 album since THICK AS A BRICK (!) Jethro Tull continues their re-birth. Thematically shifting from Biblical to Norse mythology, Odin, Thor and Ragnarok (of course!) are all referenced. Musically, it’s progressive folk rock and Ian Anderson’s flute playing is amongst his best; backed by a crack band and driven by a strong concept this album can’t fail to deliver. The enjoyment grows with each listen: the compositions and moods created conjure a magical atmosphere.

PS Given Tull’s resurgence this seems a good time to consider the back catalogue. Favourite three albums anyone? Mine? I thought you’d never ask! STAND UP, AQUALUNG and THE BROADSWORD AND THE BEAST.

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