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At last the final part of a trilogy of albums about the life of Joan of Arc following on from the two part THE VISION: THE SWORD AND THE PYRE PARTS 1 & 2. It is a very enjoyable listen, if listen is the right word given the tragic circumstances.

While perhaps it does not show ELOY in full flow as on past classics such as another fabulous unrelated (except chronologically) trilogy of albums DAWN (1976), OCEAN (1977) and SILENT CRIES AND MIGHTY ECHOES (1978), there is enough energy and ambition here to satisfy even the most jaded listener: from the guitar riff led ‘Conspiracy’ to the more sombre and moving conclusion of ‘The Pyre’ and ‘Farewell’.

Apart from Eloy founder (the first album came out in 1971- imagine!) Franck Bornemann’s distinctive vocals (and voice during the brief narration parts) and the aforementioned guitar, there are the orchestral keys and atmospheric synths, and some vocals from female backing vocalists who have been a regular part of Eloy’s musical landscape throughout some epic albums over the years. This is one album not be missed.

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