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As relevant and inspiring as ever, Census of Hallucinations is back with a new six-minute

long single, and a real aural treat! Choppy organ chords, soaring flights of guitar, strident drums and percussion in a funky smorgasbord of sound and protest. “I am not a machine, I’m a human being, I will fight for my rights” exclaim Tim Jones and the C of H choir; a rallying call and a song for these troubling times.

The line-up is: Martin Holder & John Simms - Guitars (Martin is playing the rhythm guitar and solo at the end. John is playing the other lead parts and the power chords in the choruses), Yasuko Fukuoka - Hammond & other keyboards, Maxine Marten - Backing Vocals. Tim Jones:  Lead & Backing Vocals and Mark Dunn is doing everything else. James Jones created the wonderful cover image.

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