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ANTON BARBEAU – DOGSTAR/ QUEEN OF EYES (Fruits de Mer 7” single) (2024)

Updated: May 21

I’ve heard a lot of Anton’s music, and heard a lot of cool stuff but this is a real high point. The A-side is a Barbeau original, with guest guitarist Barry ‘The Fish’ Melton from COUNTRY JOE McDONALD AND THE FISH adding some incendiary guitar: “He showed up with a custom-built Mesa Boogie amp. It was LOUD! He played at Woodstock volume!” The B-side is also top drawer with Anton’s anguished vocal tones capturing a kind of cross between BOB DYLAN and IAN HUNTER in MOTT THE HOOPLE days, a really catchy tune written by ROBYN HITCHCOCK. The release date is 10th June and the vinyl is limited to 300 copies.

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