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Consisting of three pieces from three days of sessions in November, 2016, when listening to the first 20:30 long ‘Nero’ I scribbled: tribal rhythms, swishing and swirling synths, fractured guitar transmogrifying into melodic swarms of sound. Also noted was the shuffling beat and ‘space groove’, with a solid bass undertow, like The Shadows on steroids – seriously. Too much Christmas nog perhaps? I was referring to the fluidity of the guitar lines (Hank Marvin came to mind!). In the band’s own words, the 12:50 of the second track ‘Al Pesto’ has a “western inspired riff”.

Fans of ØSC will be know what to expect here: “Kybalion”, “Hallucinations Inside the Oracle” and “Experiments in the Subconscious” have already been released from this three-day session by these supreme Danish space rock improvisers. The album is completed by another 20-minute+ monster called ‘Gamberi’.

The line-up is Dr Space on synths; Magnus Hannibal on guitar and synths on 1 and 3; Jonathan Segal on lap steel, Farfisa, violin, guitar and synths on 3, and Tim Wallander on drums. “The Linguini Sessions” is a useful addition to the comprehensive ØSC discography, supported by a loyal band of fans and Bandcamp subscribers.

As a footnote, I refer to one of the other albums from the 2016 sessions, “Hallucinations Inside the Oracle” which shows the variety of membership and instrumentation in this collective, with KG Westman of Sienna Root playing sitar (and who collaborated with ØSC founder Scott (Dr Space) Heller in “West, Space and Love” - well worth checking out) on ‘Reflections in the Mind’s Eye’. ‘ESP (Extreme Spacial Perspectives) brought to mind Tangerine Dream then early Pink Floyd in its guitar riff and meandering organ. “The Oracle” itself is a marathon over two sides of vinyl, the first part a violin and sitar excursion with drone-like synth, the second reverting to space rock in inimitable ØSC fashion.

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